New Powercolor ATI HD 5770... not working?

I have a new rig just built and running Windows XP SP3 on a GIGABYTE GA-MA785GMT-UD2H AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail.

All is running (or appears to be) fine.

1) I popped the new Powercolor ATI HD 5770 in I received from newegg, plugged in the DVI cable to it that I had been using before with the integrated graphics, and turned it all on... no DVI signal, though the card's fan is running at a constant (seemingly high) speed.
2) I pull out the DVI and plug it back into the onboard graphics, no problem.
3) I then uninstall the ATI driver for the onboard video in the find/remove programs, plug the DVI cable back into the 5770, restart... nothing
4) I go back to onboard graphics - works fine, though the resolution is whacked prior to me reinstalling the latest drivers again.
5) So then I insert the CD that came with the card and try to install the drivers... a pop-up appears saying no appropriate hardware found when I try to manually open the install program.
6) Next I restart and go into the Bios... it shows that it should be checking the PCI slot first for a discrete card and things are set to auto.
7) I scratch my head
8) So I disable the onbard video, save, shutdown. Plug the DVI cable back into the 5770 and start up... still no signal.
9) I put the DVI cable back into the onboard video, no signal (duh, I disabled onboard video)
10) I reset bios to get my video back cuz I didn't know what else to do
11) Video back via onbard graphics....

dont' know what else to do.... am I missing something obvious? The card is seated well, 6pin power is connected, fan is spinning a constant speed... no signal at all when I start up.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!
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  1. i have same problem :S
    if u have solution pls post it
  2. Check for bios updates for you motherboard.
    It is better to open a new thread than waking up an old one.
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