Dual screen, dual video card build.

I'm looking at building a new PC at the moment. My 8800GTX died a while back so I replaced it with a Geforce 295 which is no doubt highly bottlenecked by my somewhat ageing E6600.

So, my new build is going to be:

ASUS P7P55D-E PRO motherboard
Core i7 860
8Gb Corsair DDR3 1333MHz (yes, probably over the top but RAM is cheap as chips if you'll excuse the pun)

Existing HDDs, 850W Corsair PSU and Geforce 295.

Still not sure on case but I'm leaning towards the Corsair 800D, simply because it's huge!

I'm also debating whether to get another video card (something cheap like a 9800) so I can run the 295 in SLI on the main monitor and the second card to run the second monitor (I play EVE online with two windowed clients), with the option of then using it as a physX processor in games that support it that I want to play full screen.

From what I can gather from the NVIDIA website that should work - does anyone here have any experience doing this? Is it a pain or relatively easy to do and is it worth forking out the extra cash on a new (albeit cheap) card?
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  1. Fork yeah, the best LGA 1156 mobo + cpu. You're going all in on the memory. No idea on running the two cards for EVE, but I suspect one 295 is more than enough for 2 windowed clients. I suggest you get the core combo, and if it's not enough, throw in another 295. I think your 850W may not hold up cuz the minimum would be 1200W for 295 SLI.


    o Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® XP/ Vista / 7
    o Processor: Intel Pentium® or AMD dual core @ 2 GHz
    o Memory: 2 GB
    o Graphics: 256 MB Shader Model 3.0 Graphics cards such as GeForce 8 class card or higher, ATi 3000 or higher and Similar chips from other manufacturers
    o Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
    o Hard Drive: 6.0 GB free space
    o Network: Broadband Internet connection
    o Sound: DirectX compatible Sound card

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