Can i change my graphic cards to another newer one?

Hi. (Just so you know, i'm not really good with hardwares and such.)

I just wondered if i could switch my ATI Radeon HD 3600(3200) Series with another one so i could meet requirements for games that needs a high end comp...i heard it was a IGP so i thought it couldn't be switched out since it was a IGP
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  1. Anything else?
  2. Bugger...can't edit my post so sorry for doubleposting..

    I'll continue:
    400w PSU
    and i want to at least play Dragon Age: Origins on medium settings without any lag and on 1280x1024 res

    Budget: 100-140 USD
  3. That answered pretty much my question and thank you...and no that's not the only game i'm going to play. :wahoo:
  4. :O Fair 'nuff, i'll consider that one as it got good reviews as well...

    EDIT: Couldn't find the one you linked..closest thing i got to was (Fyi: English isn't my native language and there's no need to understand the language(on the site i linked) pretty much talks for itself.)
  5. Hmm..another question that might be a lil off-topic...But

    Why does the loading times in DAO take so long time? Took me up to a half hour to load a cinematic..
  6. Actually, i had no programs running. Maybe it is the game itself that might be the prob? Memory leak prolly?
  7. It's no online game and yes it's patched to the latest version.
  8. Quote:
    Strange, I have no real suggustions to offer.

    Anyways, report back when your 4670 arrives, I am curious to know how much the new video card will improve the performance over your 3200.

    It i need a quik install guide..
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