Revised core i5 build, buying this week

G'day all, first time build so hopefully all goes to plan, would really appreciate any input as to the build and how to get the most out of the money

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Looking to order parts this week BUDGET RANGE: Up to $1200, less the better but negotiable.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming though would also like to be able to use for some multimedia networking but I figure a gaming comp will be mroe then capable

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS & Monitor, Video card

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:Will be ordering from, however any suggestions are welcome if available in AUS


PARTS PREFERENCES: No preference on brand

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, an entry level attempt :P

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe, I already own a 250GTS and am no looking to upgrade until Fermi is released ( Though i understand the wait). I also have a 9500GT which will act as dedicated physx until I upgrade.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: currently using a 1680x1050 may add a second in the future, may upgrade to a higher res dont know yet.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have already purchased a HDD and the RAM because i got them half price.

CASE: CoolerMaster HAF RC-932 Tower Case - NO PSU

PSU: 750W "Corsair" TX-750 ATX
It may be overkill currently but will most likely be running a high end card + a 250gts in phyx when fermi is released.

CPU:Intel core i5 750
Am curious about the benefits of upgrading to the i7 860, are they worth the extra hundred bucks?

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black (1TB )
Sure, not the best HDD on the market but I got it cheap. Considering an SSD, mainly for the OS but am squeezing the budget already so may wait, or is possible to fit one in somewhere?

MOBO: Will go with the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro.

RAM: Have already purchased. GEIL Black Dragon Gaming edition ddr3 1600mhz CL 8-8-8-28. Was honestly not certain on the quality however this review looked promising;, plus i picked them up for 60 bucks so cant complain.

Graphics: Will be the aforementioned GTS250 and 9500GT, looking to upgrade in a few months after fermi's release

Keyboard: Razer Arctosa, entry level gaming keyboard, i just want something reliable not flashy

Mouse: Razer Salmosa, same as above, hoping for modest and reliable but solid for gaming

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper-212 cooler

Thanks for the time any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated, first build so looking to get alot out of it

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  1. You need to put something between the url= and /url. That makes it clickable. Or leave off the url parts entirely.

    Mobo: I like the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro. I'm in the US, and don't like how that site searches, so I'm not sure it's there. It's probably more expensive, but has the new ports.

    GPU: I personally don't think it's worth waiting for Fermi, as the indications about the cards running very hot don't look good for SLI and future proofing. If you decide not to, or the reviews of them turn out to be bad, get either an HD 5770 or HD 5850.

    CPU cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212. It's cheap and one of the best.
  2. Thanks for the heads up about the urls.

    Ok I found the P7P55D-E Pro. and for 30 bucks more I think I can do it, so thank you for that.

    With the GPU im inclined to wait due to the budget at the moment and was hoping for Fermi to at least bring prices of higher end ATI cards down to warrant an upgrade. But you're right about the heat and SLI, would it be a decent solution to buy a second GTS 250? My current one overclocks well and handles 1680x1050 but is bottlenecked by an old Pentium D.

    The cooler looks good thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I would stick the 250 into the new build (since you're waiting anyway), and see what happens. My guess is that the GPU wasn't actually being bottlenecked by the CPU, as it's extremely hard for that to occur. It's usually only done artificially for benchmarking and comparisions.

    If it doesn't work that well, I'd look at the benchmarkes on this site and find the card(s) that will work best for what you've got to spend.
  4. OK I'll just wait and see. Though is there any other reason for such low fps, playing left for dead and left for dead 2 even, I get well under the 67 fps in the left for dead chart (1680x1050) for the GTS 250. Though according to the bench mark 2 GTS 250's in SLI will give me performance on par with a GTX 285 and for only another 180 Australian dollars. Is a graphics card of the 285's teir going to be a worthwhile purchase when I already have the GTS 250?
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