How to start Print Spooler.

I can't install my printer or print because the Print Spooler service is not running. One of the error messages says a running associated file is needed. How is that provided?
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  1. Start>Run >type services.msc
    See if service is started and automatic.
    If U double click it U can change that.
    Also see dependencies. Some services may also need to be started. Just look on dependecies tab to see service name and start them.

  2. Thanks for responding. Unfortuneately after doing these things the current "bottom line" is "Services" . . . "Could not start the Print Spooler on Local Computer." . . . "Error 12: The access code is invalid."

    So, 1) What is "access code"? - 2) Why is it invalid? 3) How is a valid access code supplied? In the long list of Services, including dependencies, the Print Spooler service is the only one found with this problem -- if knowing that may offer a clue.
    Cheers! edro_67
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