Nec versa p8210 keyboard not working

Have just reloaded windows Xp on my NEC Versa P8210 with XP sp3 disk but cant seem to get the keyboard working if i try to use it it freezes the touch pad, i can use a usb keyboard and a usb mouse.
There is drivers for the keyboard but im not sure how to load the theres no .exe file and in device manager theres no keyboard any ideas?

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  1. Try another usb port.

    I only found drivers here:
    (the mouse, keyboard and other)
    No *.exe? Ok, let's see:
    Just in case U can create a restore point first, in System restore.

    But if it doesn't have an exe file , it may have *ini and *.sys files that U can choose by going to Control panel >Add hardware wizard, select the device and browse to the folder U unzipped the drivers, then choose.
    If not maybe copy the drivers to System 32 folder.But we'll see if the Add hardware wizard works first.

    U can also try removing the battery and run only on cable, sometimes that's an issue.

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