Just upgraded ram, having bootup issues

I had just upgraded my systems ram from 3gig to 9. All of the ram is the same speed, lat etc. My problem now is that every other time I boot up my system or restart it, I either get 1 long continous beep, or everything powers up with no beeping or display. Unplugging the system and then reconnecting and starting again it works fine. I ran memtest a few times to make sure the new ram is ok and it checked out everytime.
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  1. Can you provide system / Ram specs??

    I'm going with an i7-9xx build so you have all six slots filled (3x1GB & 3x2GB). I have heard issues with this socket & having all DIMM slots filled. If my memory serves me correctly, a slight adjustment of your RAM voltage will help (keep under 1.65V though)

    Also, you want to run memtest foe at least 7 passes to be safe on having no issues.
  2. Yep, you're correct. Its my sons gateway fx6800-01e. I'll have to see if I can find the exact specs on it, gateway is being troublesome with me finding out much on this machine now that its a couple years old....wished I had built him one (but the last system I had built was before dual cores) hehe. I'll try to dig up what and can and post it soon as I get home later. Thx for the reply
  3. 1) You have one major thing working against you... OEM system so you will have little BIOS support to help in this situation.

    2) I would remove the 3x1GB set and see how it runs with the 3x2GB set. If it works fine, you know it is having all the DIMM slots are filled that are causing the issues. If it doesn't work, you know it is related to your new RAM.
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