Cpu Upgrade Timing Advice Please

Hi there, long time (day 1) troll of the forums here taking the upgrade plunge.

My dilemma is that most of the time when I upgrade, 1 week later an entirely new product line comes out and I get hit with the dumbo stick. I have been using a core 2 duo 6600 as my main gaming / webmaking / render station and now I have some money for new computers. I would like to know if any of you think going for the i7-930 is going to keep my current or is there something new coming around the corner? I am hoping for something that is on the new fab process 32mm? Or am I ok going with the i7 Nehalem as my choice for now. I am going to purchase 2 rigs one for render one for primary use when FEMI Nvidia gets out there so I can chose between a radeon or nvidia as my cards.

Thank you for any input!

P.S. I am visiting Vancouver Canada. If anyone knows any good computer stores with decent out of the box warranty service please let me know.
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  1. LGA1366 is due to have the six core CPU's in the near future - ok you could stick with the 930 for now and upgrade later depending on budget
  2. The six core is the extreme I take it? I have a 4000$ budget which I was going to split between two machines, do you believe buying one extreme 6 core and a single quad core i7 for the render station might be a decent idea? I do plan on overclocking everything just not in an extreme way.
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