Intel i7-930 Black Edition Velocity.

Hi guys, Check out this link is there really anything like this or its all a lie or something I am confused.....I thought at the moment i7 975 Extreme was the best processor, I know its expensive what what in the world is i7 930 Black Edition???
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    It´s a fake. There is not black edition for that cpu. It seems that cpu is a normal 930 which can be run at 4.42GHz@57°C@1.41V (overclocking).
    And the fastest cpu nowadays is the INTEL I7 980X "GULFTOWN".
  2. Thankx for the reply. I also thought that it was something made up. I don't know why Intel and ebay do something about this. These ppl do not have the rights to call and advertise an Intel product like that with their own names and stuff.
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