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Computer freezing up after overclock. Please help!

Ive been messing around with overclocking my cpu lately. I have a AMD fx-4100. I usually keep it running at about 4100Mhz. Ive been tweekin it here and there and stress testing it to see what happens. Usually it just fails a stress test and i restart it and all is good. Today i tried something new. INstead of just changing the multiplier, i changed the cpu frequency from 230 to 250 and that put my core clock up to 4500. so i upped the volts .025. after saving in bios i tried to start the computer and it wouldnt boot. it had to do that whole system restore thing on its own. Then i was able to get back onto windows but after afew minutes it would go bluescreen and give me an error message saying "a clock interrupt was not recieved on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval" even after i turned the clocks and volts back to where they were. now the blue screen has stopped and it will seem to be running fine, but when i go to load certain programs the screen just freezes and i have to cold boot it. Now thats where i am. What is wrong? wrong could i do to resolve it? should i stop trying to OC after its resolved? will i have to reinstall windows? Please help
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  1. Reset the BIOS by removing the motherboard CMOS battery, first remove it form power. Take battery out and press power button, wait a few seconds and return battery then power and restart compute. Hopefully you have not done permanent damage.
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    With overclocking raising the multiplier and increasing the voltage go hand in hand when yo do one you have to do the other.
    The reason that you do a stress test after raising the settings is to verify system stabulity and if you rqaise the multiplier two clicks instaed of one like your suposed to do then you have to raise the voltage to match. So in this case by the computer failing to start it most likely meant that you needed another .25v. Next time do it the way your supposed to and one click at a time and then test.
  3. Ok i see what happened now. The battery thing didnt work so i went into bios and returned it to default cmos. Thats when i noticed my cpu frequency was 230 and it ran stable at 220, once i changed that its been running fine and im back to overclocking. Thanks guys!
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