Overclocking A Phenom II X4 830

Just some background information, I've overclocked before a few times, mostly in intel K processors (so pretty easy) and I've always done it through the BIOS. What I need help with today is quite different. My roomate wants to get into PC gaming after watching my play BF3 on ultra, and lamenting the graphics on his Xbox 360 (LOL). He's willing to spend some money now to upgrade his prebuilt computer ( that's what he currently has. I reccomended he get a new GPU and PSU. That being said, I bet his processor could seriously benefit from an overclock. However, HP has a locked BIOS, and the processor itself is locked so I would have to mess around with the FSB to change the clocks (I think, never done that before).

My question for you guys is, because I can't access the BIOS and the processor is locked, how can I overclock it, and is the overclock it even worth it? Is the processor complete *** and will just throttle his new GPU (thinking a 660ti or 7870)? Also, I do have a coolermaster 212 that I am willing to let him have. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!
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  1. Please help me!
  2. If the BIOS is locked, you are probably out of luck.

    The CPU isn't "bad" but it's got a relatively low clock speed and it seems you are stuck at that clock.
  3. Yeah, i tried messing with the BIOS today and it is locked. Can't change anything via AMD Overdrive either. I believe that the processor is clocked at 2.8 Ghz. Do you think that it would throttle a 7870 running BF3
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    I think it would be the weak link but I'm not sure how much it would hold back a powerful GPU on that game.
  5. Have the room mate invest in a good cheap board....You can get a decent MOBO for $50 - $75...The room mate will enjoy it better as they will be able to up that CPU's speed....A Locked BIOS's sucks
  6. Hmmm, what we'll do is buy a new GPU and PSU right now. And then in a few weeks save up for an Z77 board and i5 3570k and just do a full build with that and a new case.
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