Need a new CPU Fan cooler

I have a P8Z68/V-Gen3 motherboard and a LGA 1155 intel socket cpu core i7 3.4 ghz. The problem is that my ram sticks out to about 1.5 inches, along with a heatsink rail on above and to the left of my cpu. I want to overclock my cpu to Around 4.0 ghz. Any help on a cpu fan that will make clearance of my cpu and heatsinks.
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  1. Corsair H80 watercooling.
  2. What do you have now , the stock cpu cooler? The cpu is what the i7-2600k?

    The overclock of 4 ghz is not very high and should be attained very easily without adding any voltage at all. This cpu cooler would work if you installed it with the fan on the opposite side of the ram slots side. The fan on the heatsink should be blowing out towards the rear of the case.
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