New video card causes system freeze

I recently purchased a new video card, the MSI N260GTX-Lightning Black Edition GeForce GTX 260 1792MB version. Problem is, it causes the system to freeze at random, anytime from a minute after startup to a couple hours. The freeze causes keyboard to stop working, but I can still move the mouse. Only after I click the mouse a couple times, then the mouse is frozen as well with the rest of the system. No blue screen, or errors in the system log. And drivers are up to date. Card also runs at a cool 43C.

This card replaced a 8800GTS which worked fine with my current setup, so I know it's an issue with this video card. But I popped the GTX260 into another system and it doesn't cause any freezes.

Reason I post this under the motherboard section is I believe there is some type of power savings option that causes the video card to not get enough power. The freezes usually occur when I'm just browsing the web, but never when I'm gaming. The card is also quite heavy and I notice it drooping a little bit. Could the pins not be making good contact in the PCI-E slot? Any other ideas?

Edit: New symptom just occurred, screen went dim with a red tint along with the system freeze...

-ASUS P6X58D Premium
-i7 930, no overclock
-Corsair XMS3 6GB 1600MHZ
-Corsair HX750W
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  1. The display symptom you just described suggests there is in fact a problem with your GPU. Do a couple FurMark tests and a couple of Prime95 tests. Both programs are free; run them both on the computer that the 260 didn't cause freezing and on the computer that the 260 does cause freezing.
  2. How long do I run FurMark for?

    I've had to resort to leaving Battlefield BC2 running in the background... no freezes, but this isn't really an ideal solution.
  3. Check the event viewer to see if it's logging errors.
    start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->check the system and application logs for errors (red X's)
  4. Ran FurMark for an hour and it's all good, no crash. Prime95 passed and ran it for an hour as well.

    There are no errors in the system and app logs.

    Seems if I have a video or music playing in the background there are no freezes. It only occurs when I'm just browsing the web or chatting on MSN.

    Forgot to mention, using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
  5. Make sure the monitor cable is tight on the video card. A loose connection can cause it to change tint.

    Try using a different browser.
  6. Cable is in tight and the red tint thing only happened once, the rest are just hard lockups.

    Reinstalled an old version of nVidia drivers and still freezes, underclocked the card to standard GTX260 speeds (576MHz core clock, 1242MHz shader clock, 1998MHz memory clock) and still happens..
  7. Going through a similar set of issues with a new xfx 6790 card. Having checked my events and finding the power restarts to mark when the crashes happen, I have found no corresponding events. It is looking more and more like a win 7 64 issue. Another poster remarked he fixed it by changing his Ram timing, but didn't specify how. I only post this here in case any others find this and it somehow helps them. My system is entirely new, so the issues like uninstalled previously existing drivers does not apply.
  8. It happens when your using the browser.
    I have seen problem like this and they happen when you move the mouse across a scrollbar. Going from one window to another windows and the mouse crosses over the scrollbar.

    This is normally a driver issue, sometime if you lower any video acceleration setting it may stop having that problem.
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