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I have a GTX 295 running a 30inch Dell Monitor. I want to use the other DVI output to run a 24inch display. I would not be useing the 24inch for gaming. Just the 30inch. I want the 24inch to extend my desktop.

So the question is can i do it. Will the 2nd display draw power away from my gaming. Or do i need another video card just for the 2nd display to be safe.
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  1. I've done dual monitors in the past and depending on the drivers and such it will automatically click off the 2nd display and sometimes you have to manually disable it. I have a 5870 right now and I have to manually turn off the 2nd display if I am gaming, otherwise it stays on and I can see the desktop.

    But yes it will draw GPU power if it is enabled. If it is idle the usage for that display is very minimal though because it is 2d and not refreshing anything. Unless you are playing a movie or something while gaming.
  2. ^agree. What card are you running Baron? I have a 3008wfp, along with a few other monitors, hooked up to a 4870x2 and a 4870. for gaming I use crossfire, but that still leaves one more monitor up, don't notice a big hit performance wise though. Game @ 2560*1600
  3. I had a Dell 30inch 3007. Runng GTX 295 Video card. In alot of games i run 2560x1600. I wont be watching a movie while gaming. Not really worried about running anything else while gaming. So it would be just the desktop on the 2nd monitor.

    Thanks alot for the help everyone.
  4. you can get some good video cards, like the hd5770 from ATI. carries them and use them in their gaming systems
  5. traderupdate said:
    you can get some good video cards, like the hd5770 from ATI. carries them and use them in their gaming systems

    I'm pretty sure the 295 is better, besides DX11, than the 5770.
  6. I'm running 2x5750 crossfire, using a 23" 1920x1080 Dell with a 17" 1280x1024 secondary extended desktop, and I run monitoring software while I'm gaming (GPU-z, Fraps, Coretemp, a CPU utilization monitor, etc.) on the 17". All the games run just fine and I've not noticed any performance issues doing that. It lets me keep an eye on my hardware while I'm gaming, which I like especially when I'm pushing the OC's and want to make sure my temps don't go too high.
    Anyway- all this to say, you should be fine with a second 24" extended desktop running while gaming.
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