Please, Help. She won't boot.

It's not a new system by any means; I built it a little over 3 years ago (Nov 06) and I've had not a problem until yesterday. I shut her down in the standard fashion (start, shutdown) and left for work. I came home later that day pressed the power button, went to get a drink, came back and the monitor was still in standby. So I checked the cable, turned the monitor on and off, still nuthin'. Huh, so I try a hard reboot, hold the power button in for 5sec and still no signal to the monitor, no beeps from the computer, case lights and fans are running, led on the motherboard is green. So, I check the monitor and cable, plug it into my netbook (which I'm currently typing to you on) and monitor and cable work fine.

I'm at a loss, have no idea what's wrong. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, didn't add any new hardware and I haven't moved the tower in over 6 months, so i doubt anything is loose... Help, please.

My Rig
CPU: Pentium D 945
Mobo: Asus P5ND2
RAM: (2)1gb Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066
GPU: (2)512mb Nvidia 7600GS
PSU: Apevia Warlock series 650w
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    The READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum was created to troubleshoot this type of problem. I would start with the RAM. Have you tried booting with each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot?
  2. You've Said, that you Built this Pc
    Okay Just open the Case & make sure that All Cable Is Seated firmly?
    Double check your HDD Cable Probably is Loose Or use Another IDE or SATA Cable if you have One.
    If still doesn't wanna work
    Disconnect all non-essential components.
    Just Boot with just the CPU/Heat-sink, Video Card, A Stick of Ram, Keyboard
  3. @ shortstuff_mt: My apologies, I didn't see "The READ before posting about boot problems!" sticky. In fact I still don't see any stickies at the top of the page, believe me I did look.

    Well, I disconnected and reconnected all cables and wires and used a can of air to blow out the bit of dust that had accumulated. I unseated and reseated both graphics cards and both sticks of ram. I tried booting with each graphics card individually, and each stick of ram individually. I even tried booting with no ram at all. I tried pulling the battery to allow the cmos to reset.

    No change, each time case lights and fans come on, hard drive light comes on for approximately 5 seconds then goes off and that's where she sits until I hold in the power button and shut down. Green light on the motherboard is on, but nothing to the monitor, it just remains in standby.

    I just don't understand; I didn't install any new hardware, or software; I didn't move or jostle the tower at all and I didn't experience a hard crash or anything. Computer was shut down as usual then when I tried to boot again around 10 hours later I got this. Did both graphics cards die at the exact same time or something, while the computer was off and unmoved!?
  4. Your PSU may have died. Apevia PSU's are not known for being good quality.
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  6. jsc said:
    Your PSU may have died. Apevia PSU's are not known for being good quality.

    Went and had the psu tested. checked out fine.

    I'm left to thinking it has to be the motherboard. I Could not find an exact replacement, so I went with the Asus P5N-D. It arrived, I installed it and finally found the culprit. Booted up just fine with the new MoBo. I didn't even have troubles with oem windows Xp, it just required to be reactivated.

    Still at loss of how the old MoBo went out with out any signs. Just all of the sudden on next boot nothing.
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