Heating issue plzzzz help

i7 920 ati 5870 4gb ddr3 500gb HD
650w coolermaster

and a bad cabinet

on startign the game GTA 4. game played in medium due to heat

temperature CPU = 75-85 North Bridge = touchs 90+ ....south bridge = 75-80......motherboard = 55 max ...all in degrees

since i dont have alot of cash in hand i am going for a CM 690
Will it cure all the heat issues?? or should i do something else please advice need to get a cabient before it blows up
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  1. common guys dont just see and say we dont give a *** about your pc..
    please help !! please
  2. A good ventilation is very important. I think that the temperature will decrease many degrees after that. To change the cabinet is a good idea.

    Anyway, although the cabinet you choose is a good one, I would choose the Cooler Master 690 II Advance. It´s the new version of the 690.

    Here you have a video review:


    And if it´s not enough, you can change the heatsink for another better (Prolimatech megahalems or Noctua d14), but I think that you will get what you want with the new cabinet. The first step is that.
  3. Have a look at this guide for more information on proper airflow:


    If your case is that bad then I would definitely consider getting a better one with those temps...they're scorching ;) Do you live in a particular hot area?

    The 690 II Advance case does look very nice. I'd say the Antec 300 is also worth a look if your on a budget :) Good luck!
  4. thanks alot 690 advance it is
  5. i live in india.....
    also by cabinet has only 2 fans i to take in the air 1 to get it out
    the fan taking air in is busted hence to problem
  6. I'm running the Coolermaster RC690 and its doing a great job of keeping things cool. Hopefully it helps you out.
    Having a broken intake fan makes a big difference- when you get the new case, might want to take the exhaust fan from your old case and add it to the new one (its got plenty of locations to add a fan:-)
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