What is failing?

I'm facing a problem with my new half-build!

I bought a 5750 which has in it's recommended requirements 550W PSU. My PSU is 400W.

I have a Pentium D 945 CPU, two motherboards to test the graphic card on, a Gigabyte 945-GZM and MSI X48C Platinum.

The Gigabyte boots through the bios and gets just before the windows loading screen and shuts off.

The MSI boots, doesn't show a display and restarts, keeps on repeating this. Like every 5 seconds it restarts. It should be noted that the first time I booted the MSI mobo, it showed a CMOS error and wanted me to correct the time and date. I did that through the bios and pressed F10 to save, it restarted and been restarting ever since!

I have a strong doubt that my PSU needs upgrading, but I also fear the MSI to be bad! The Gigabyte mobo which has a built-in Graphics card runs ok without the 5750.

My Q8400 is on the way so please no CPU dissing!

Any thougts? If PSU is the problem then which one would you recommend on a tight budget? I don't think I would be upgrading for 3 more years and the new CPU would also decrease the power usage theoretically.

Primary usage is to play games with a PS3 remote connected via Bluetooth and also watch DivX movies.
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  1. It is almost 100% that it is the PSU that cannot handle the Video Card, what brand is the PSU and what is the amp value on the 12v rail?
  2. how tight is you budget and where you from
  3. I don't know what 12v rail is, but here's the picture of the sticker on the PSU.
  4. Ok here's the pic

  5. Yep, I can almost guarantee its the PSU. Its the 5750. I'm running on a beginner-mediocre GT210, and that requires at least a 300w PSU. The 5750 is pushing into directx11, so when it says its needs a 550w psu, it needs a 550w psu. Go for the OCZ fatal1ty at least, i've got it, works like a charm.
  6. better yet, get this...


    It's only 500-watt, but it will be more than enough to handle the 5770 or even the 5870. OCZ is a SOLID brand and will last you a long time
  7. Just another question. I know the cheap PSU's will give me unreliable cheap performance so I won't go near that.

    What if I want to Crossfire in the future? 2 5750's, what PSU would I need for that?
  8. no, not even close!

    There is a HUGE difference in the actual brands of Power Supplies, if you buy an OCZ or Corsair Power Supply that is 500-watts with 40+ amps on the 12v rails, then it is WAY better than a 600-watt Power Supply from Coolmax with 24 amps on the 12v rails.

    one cannot simply buy a power supply because it has high-wattage. there are other factors like 80+ certified, amp rating on the rails, etc...

    the best brands out there right now are Corsair & OCZ, there are others but those 2 are decent.
  9. rivalbro said:
    Just another question. I know the cheap PSU's will give me unreliable cheap performance so I won't go near that.

    What if I want to Crossfire in the future? 2 5750's, what PSU would I need for that?

    A Corsair 600-watt PSU would have a better chance at crossfire 5750's than a 750-watt Coolmax PSU
  10. Ok so I have to look at the 12v amp rating? And also certification right?

    So I found this, how well would it stand?


    The thing is, international shipping kills me! I'm all the way in Mid East, here a 400W PSU costs like $300 locally!
  11. Ok I decided to go for OCZ.

    How is this one? They have it available at a local shop here so I can get it right away.

  12. It should do alright, just be aware of the fact that the stealthxstreams cables have been known to be a bit of a stretch, as in they aren't that long. What case are you using?
  13. great choice, +1 for Shogun
  14. I have a Chinese made un-named case but it's very similar to Thermaltake XPRESSAR RCS100, but it doesn't matter because I'm also modding another case.

    Thanks for your help guys.
  15. I got the OCZ StealthXtreme 600W PSU. Now my X48C doesn't load. Keeps on restarting every 5 seconds! What the f is happening? It's frustrating. The 945-GZM works alright.
  16. Can you get the board to POST? If so, does the POST complete? If POST completes, immediately and repeatedly press the F8 key to bring up the Windows Advanced Boot Menu (or something like that, don't remember the actual menu name). Use the down arrow to highlight Automatic Restart On Boot Failure. Press Enter to turn this feature off. Your computer should restart, but this time it will stop on the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) with a bunch of text and an error code.

    Usually, the BSOD text will give a diagnostic step related to the error message.
  17. Thank you for replying mate.

    I don't get any display, that's the biggest problem. I read around the forums and a lot of people actually got the same problem with this board. I can guess the board has issues with RAM... I should've done my research before buying it!

    I tried all solutions given by people, but none worked. Tried just one stick, tried both sticks, without turbo card, with turbo card.

    The only display I see is when I reset the CMOS, it gives me a black screen and CMOS error, then restarts and keeps restarting forever.
  18. Through this post the attention has been focused on PSU. Although unlikely, you may have damaged the motherboard due to insufficient power. This could have happened when the video card was installed with insufficient power. I've seen it happen before.

    You mentioned reading "issues with RAM". What were the issues you read about?
    Do you have a speaker connected to listen for BIOS error beeps? If so, please remove both memory sticks and then power on the computer again. If you hear beeps, then the memory slots on the board should be fine. However, if you don't hear beeps, the board could be faulty along the memory channel circuits.
  19. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/251150-30-problems-x48c


    These are found around here, there's a lot to be found outside this site also. I will try again on the board.
  20. Restarting issues are often caused by bad RAM or a short. Try breadboarding your system. Put your motherboard on a piece of cardboard next to the case. Plug in the PSU, CPU/HSF, 1 stick of RAM, video card, and power switch. Leave everything else unplugged. Try booting, and let us know what you get.
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