Performance increase in games after overclocking 3570k?

What kind of FPS increase would one see increasing a 3570k from stock to like 4-4.4ghz?
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  1. It really depends, but most modern games will heavily rely on the GPU so you should be fine running stock, you'll probably see a marginal increase in performance at best past stock clocks though.
  2. hmm ok thanks. why does one OC a CPU? Where will you benefit from it? stuff like photoshop?
  3. Games and photoshop and video 3D modleing will benefit from a powerful video card. Video rendering and encoding will benefit from a cpu overclock or faster cpu and also more cores.
    If you overclock the cpu naturaly the performance of the computer will be faster and there will be an increase in a games fps but it may not be enough to be noticeable and you may want to look at doing something with the video card , either overclocking it or upgrading it.
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