Brand new HDD making a "popping" sound.. deffective?

Hey, I Just bought a 2.5" 750GB Hitachi HDD for my laptop. It is a 5k750 (OJ11563). Its an advanced Format HDD and I believe its Hitachi's 1st gen Advanced Format Hard drive. I installed into my laptop and installed windows 7. The Drive appears to be functioning (for now) and in device manager says its working properly as well, but I'm really worried because of the Popping noise it is making. It seems to be random.... averaging a few times every 10 minutes or so. Its is not like the "clicking/ticking" sound that can often be heard from a dying HDD.. its a louder and more "sharp" POP. The best way I can describe it is like one of those rubber poppers going off. (see pics below) or like if you to press on a 2-liter or 20-ounce platic soda bottle and it "popped" back out. It probably isn't quite as loud as those things I described but the same sort of sound. Also it isn't always the same "volume" some times it will sound louder, while other times it will sound a little bit quiter

At first I thought it was some other component because it didn't sound like it was coming from the area where the HDD is located, but I pulled it back out and put my old HDD back in, Then put the hitachi in an enclosure and it did it again... But it seemed like when it was in the enclosure it happened less frequently. Not really sure whats going on.. Think I just got a bad one?

also I ordered this off ebay... It came with an enclosure. the listing said that it was a brand new item, unused, UNOPENED, in ORIGINAL packaging. However, it did not even come with ANY packaging for the HDD. They had opened the enclosure (packaging) and installed the HDD in the enclosure then placed the enclosure (with HDD installed in it) back into the the Enlosure packaging.. So I Just got the packaging for the enclosure not the HDD. Also there was no UPC or warranty included for the HDD although it said a warranty is included. So I'm wondering if it was refurbed or something. The seller had 99.9% possitive feedback so thought it would be ok. I have been ordering stuff online, including ebay since it was first around, and have never had a problem once till now :fou:

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before, and could possibly tell me whats going on.. I'm guessing I'll have to send it back, unfortunately they are closed till 1/3 then I will still have to wait for an RMA and then waste money to ship it back to them
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  1. First time I hear about popping sound, looks like you will have to go through the RMA.
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    Ebay does have a policy for items not received as described, and I think this falls neatly into the category. They promised you a failsafe if the drive didn't work (unopened packaging and a UPC, making for an easy RMA/fix), and they failed to provide what you paid for. Go through ebay.
  3. Don't know if I would call this solved or not cuz I still have no idea what was causing the wierd popping sound, but regardless.... Everything worked out for the best. I sent that hdd back which was the hitachi 750GB 5400rpm and got the hitachi 750GB 7200rpm version for ~$2 less :bounce:
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