[Build Log] Vidar

Hey guys new build log up, I'm going from Sandy to Ivy, 5 series gpus to 6 series, and new loop work/color sketchup. So here's what the system used to look like:

The original components were:

LD PC V8 Case
Asus Sabertooth X58
i7 960
12 GB Kingston HyperX RAM (6x2 GB)
2x Gigabyte GTX 580
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD
2x 2TB WD Drives
11x Fractal Design 120mm Fans (10 for Radiators, 1 Exhaust)
3x Fractal Design 140mm Fans (intakes)
2x EK 360 Rads
1x EK 480 Rad
2 EK GTX 580 Waterblocks
1 EK Supreme HF

Now what's going to be changed is the following:
Asus Sabertooth Z77 (love the look of this new board)
i5 3570k
16 GB Corsair Vengeance (4x4 GB)
Asus GTX 690
XSPC Raystorm
XSPC 690 Waterblock

I'll also be using Mayhem's Mint Green Pastel on this build with clear tubing and purchased a bunch of DemciFlex filters for every fan (I have a cat...and his fur was all over the inside of the case...disgusting)

So here's some photos of what I've got so far:

From left to right:
3 DemciFlex 120mm Filters
2 DemciFlex 140mm Filters
XSPC GTX 690 Waterblock
Primochill LRT UV white tubing (was originally gonna use this, changed my mind for now, may use it in an update/rebuild)
Koolance Quick Disconnect Compression fittings (to fill the loop from top of the res with an extra hose and drain at the bottom)
2x Demciflex 360mm Filters
1x Demciflex 480mm Filters
Also some EK UV Blue, thought I may use it, decided against it

Unfortunately I need to get rid of the 360mm filters as they're the wrong size...I needed 480mm :pfff: :pfff: .

Here's a closeup of the XSPC Waterblock, real purty:

Next shipment was the RAM/Mobo/CPU:

Nice white ram to contrast the mobo and go with the inside of the case :D

And here's a photo of the motherboard with the RAM and Raystorm installed, looking good so far:

Finally got around to mounting my XSPC Waterblock on the GPU, was a bit of a hassle with a bit of the copper on the block around the drilling having to be carefully pulled off, but nothing crazy:

And here's the motherboard with cpu/block and ram in the case, so far so good:

And GPU in place:

You'll notice, no rads in there right now, still cleaning em. Gave em the first run through with boiling distilled water and a bit of dish soap today, gonna do it again tomorrow. Also anyone know how to clean a pump? Couldn't find any good info, I've got an Alpacool VPP655, any help there appreciated

And finally, lit up, just a test for now though :D

BONUS IMAGE: check out how nasty my last tubing got from that ek stuff, don't think I'll ever use em again:

Check again tomorrow for when I get my tubing and start getting my rads back in!

EDIT: Images should work now...
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  1. Broken images?

    NM...images are blocked for me at work.
  2. Wow I thought my Cooler Master HAF-X case was big but this thing is enormouse, it's almost like a seperate apartment that you could rent out. The XSPC 690 water block looke nice an itlights up like the cpu block. What made you go with the 690 vs two 680's ?
    Can't wait to see the finished build.
  3. I guess it should be easier to watercool
  4. What kind of fans are you using?
  5. I got a good deal on the 690. Plus when you do out the math liquid cooling a 690 is slightly cheaper than 2 680s because you only need 1 100+usd waterblock. It's also easier to watercool given one less block to pass through less restriction etc etc.

    The fans are actually on the weaker side. They're fractal design silent fans that don't push a lot of air, but are in audible. With as much radiator space as I have, good push pull fans aren't necessarily needed (I think) to keep it all cool. My last build generated more heat and would load with a delta of maybe 13c load ish.
  6. Why are 2 of the expansion slot covers different from the others? The rig looks SICK though.
  7. Didn't have the original slot covers sadly...not a biggie though. Ordered 6 white LEDs from performance pcs that came in today....4 don't work. Just my luck.
  8. You could jumper your power supply and simply add a couple pieces of tubing to pump through- you could do this to flush your rads as well as flush your pump if any plastic bits might remain. Using a bucket as a 'reservoir' and then add a simple inline filter to one tubing end to keep crud from getting recirculated back through and trapped in your radiator channels might be a good idea...this is what I would do, personally, if flushing brand new rads/gear.
  9. Hey rubix yeah that's my plan right now, unfortunately I'm gonna be held back 2 days as I had to order a couple new compression fittings (had too many elbow fittings, my new loop allows me to switch 3 of em to straight fittings). That and my new tubing doesn't come until tomorrow.

    Plan is to use the QDC between my res and pump as an inlet an outlet into a bucket of distiller water and let it act as a leak test as well for a day. After that I'll dump that water out and use my QDC fillport at the top of the res to fill the loop and add the mayhems dye.

    Bizarre thing is I've cleaned my rads literally about 10 times each 5 mins and still get small amounts of particulate. It's very small white bits smaller than a grain of salt. Given that it's slightly bluish white I'm assuming it's from the ek premix I used to use. But no matter how many times I clean the rads instill get small amounts. To clean each rad I first boiled distiller water and put a bit of dish soap then used gaskets to close the rad and shook the hell outta them, emptied and rinsed several times with just distiller water. I'm hoping running the leak test/rad clean loop with a bucket will get rid of whatever's left.
  10. Sorry for a lack of updates, things got real busy and some of my orders were messed up. Hopefully by the day after tomorrow a new fitting will arrive (during my leak test it turned out one was loose and leaking, just my luck -_-). Here's a few photos until then

    First a few photos of the demciflex fan filters installed, don't look too shabby either:


    Also a photo of the full setup with the radiators back in, little bit messy with the fan wires down below. They've since been cleaned up though:

    And finally I decided to change the LED lighting to match the Mayhem's coolant, think it looks much nicer this way:

    For some reason in this photo the green on the GPU block doesn't show as much, it pops much more in real life.

    Hopefully some updates with the final setup in the next few days, thanks for reading!
  11. I think it shows up pretty good and there is a lot of light in the room so when it's dark that cpu block should really pop.
  12. Yeah I'm sure it will. On the plus side, leak testing under way currently, after that one more drain and refill with mayhems, so excited to try this stuff out, ill have photos up tomorrow from fill and hopefully fully up and running.
  13. What made you choose the GTX 690 over 2 HD 7970 Ghz edition ?
  14. Never been a big Red fan. Last time I got an amd card (gigabyte 6970) had to RMA it 3 times, still had driver issues after that.
  15. Nice build so far! I am excited to see the finished product. :) Keep up the good work.
  16. After what feels like way too long, I'm finally back on my system! So here's the photo updates (not much but it's done!)

    Without side plate:

    With side plate:

    Overall I'm pretty happy with the build, it looks nice. Unfortunately it seems I need to reseat my Raystorm CPU block, as the temps are idling higher than I think they should (idling around mid 30s C, while the GPUs are at 25C according to HWinfo).

    Hopefully in the next day or so I'll go ahead and reseat it, until then it's working on getting everything up and running, hope you enjoyed it (short as it was) and thanks for looking!
  17. What'd you do with the cheerios!???
  18. amuffin said:
    What'd you do with the cheerios!???

    Dirty...dirty things :whistle:
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