Why isnt my my book external hard drive recognized by windoes vista?

I have a My Book Essential External Hard Drive model WD 5000C032-002. I have a Dell Laptop running Windows Vista 32 Bit operating system. When I power up the My Book and plug it into the laptop's USB port, the laptop indicates that it has to locate and install the driver. I say OK to this. A message is then dissplayed saying the driver has been successfully installed. However, the My Book does not show up in Windows Explorer and it is not in fact recognized by the laptop. I have another laptop running Windows XP and the My Book works fine just by plugging it in. Any ideas why the My Book won't work with the Vista laptop?
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  1. Hello nick R,
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    Does this HDD appear in Disk Management of your Vista Laptop. It should have a drive letter assigned to it (like D: or E: etc.). If not, assign a drive letter manually.
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