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I currently have a 24" 1920*1200 LCD, which I'm otherwise satisfied with, but when I run something in a 4:3 resolution, it stretches it out. To further complicate the issue, on my Win7 x64 computer, my nVidia GTX 280 has the option to fix the aspect ratio on the scaling, so no problem there. However, I have a second computer running Win98SE with a GeForce 6800. While I found the option to fix the aspect ratio on that setup, it doesn't work with the latest drivers available (81.98). I'm maintaining the Win98 system for maximum compatibility on some of my old games, so upgrading the OS isn't an option. I tried updating the drivers to the unofficial 82.69 build. Aspect ratio fixing worked in that, but all the video modes I should have had, I did not. I'm guessing something went wrong in the inf file. So I have two options, try to fix the inf file and reinstall those drivers, or find a display that lets me change the aspect ratio scaling manually. I have found some displays that do it, but they're all 1920*1080, and I would much prefer 1920*1200. Y'all seem like such knowledgeable people, I figure one of you can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm not familiar with the monitors... but look out for a model that says "1:1 pixel mapping" or something similar as a feature.
  2. I actually found one. For anyone that's interested, the Samsung 240HD (also the 260HD, if you want a larger screen) will do the job. It has in it's OSD the option to fit the resolution to the monitor, which maintains the aspect ratio, or to use the full monitor, which will stretch the image accordingly.
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