Simple i5 2500k OC question

Hello everyone,

I've searched for the answer to this, but I can't find the specific one for my needs.

I have an Asus p8z68 V-Pro Gen 3
and an I5 2500k with Hyper 212+ cooler.

I desire an overclock of a modest 4.2 Ghz.

I understand I can change the clock multiplier to achieve this and leave voltage on auto.

With Asus Bios, what am I changing for the multiplier?

I saw two things that are CPU Ratio, but one was in advanced -> Cpu and the other in the AI Tweaker menu under "Cpu Power management" "Cpu Ratio". Which one is the correct one to change to overclock? Then someone else said I should just change the "on all cores" under the Turbo section. Change it from 37 to 42.

Next up, Intel Speedstep. I've always left this on, so I downclock to the 1.6 Ghz when my computer is idle, which is a good amount. I've read conflicting reports, the most popular seems to be "disable during extensive overclock testing, then re-enable when stable." What are your thoughts?

Thank you for all your help.
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  1. I ueually just disable the Intel speedstep.
    As far as overclocking you change the cpu ratio and it's a number followed by an x so you would see 25x for a stock speed. Asus also has some overclocked presets and there was one that was set for 4.2 ghz. You have to see if you have a term " cpu level up " and it would be in the AI overclock tuner and in that you would have a coulple of choices with the highest being the one for 4.2 ghz. If you prefere doing it your self then you have to change the AI overclock tuner to manual and that will allow you to make the changes your self.
  2. Should I change the turbo number, or the general CPU ratio?
  3. The cpu ratio. If you change the turbo number then it will only go to that number when in turbo mode. I usually turn off turbo mode.
  4. Okay, so i'll set the multiplier to 42-44 or somewhere in there. Just have to figure out which CPU Ratio I'm adjusting. I think it's the one that says "allows you to manually adjust the amx non-turbo cpu ratio." rather than "allows you to set the ratio between cpu core clock and the bclk frequency"?

    Disable Turbo mode.

    What are your thoughts on Intel Speedstep? I'd imagine it is worth it since my computer is sitting idle for most of the day, just to save heat/power.

    I was planning on leaving voltage to auto, this is fine as long as my temps are well within reason, correct?
  5. When overclocking you just can't go in and change the multiplier to a random number. The only setting at this point that you are going to change is the multiplier , you leave all other settings on auto and you leave the BCLK alone. You then raise the multiplier by small steps and you verify each change with going into Windows and verifying satability. You do that untill you reach you target speed.
    Also you need to read the stickys at the top of this forum on overclocking so you have an understanding of how it's done.
  6. I was saying 42-44 because i was going to start at 42. I have been informed on almost every forum that 42 is reachable by 90% of all i5's. And worst case, if it crashed or was unstable, I'd just lower it a little.

    I apologize if I seem like i'm not reading the stickies, as I am.

    I'm just conflicted over the "what to change" debate that I can't find the answer to.

    Where you said disable turbo, set the main multiplier,

    Others have said to set the turbo multiplier and it will shoot up whenever it is under load.

    Just trying to do it right :)
  7. Here is my default settings for 4.5ghz with this exact motherboard, good luck

    BCLK: 100.0
    Turbo Ratio: by all cores
    Multi: 45x
    PLL Overvoltage: Auto
    EPU Power Save: Disable
    OC Tuner: Cancel/Off
    CPU Ratio: Auto
    Speedstep: Enabled
    Turbo: Enabled
    VRM: 350
    Phase Control: Optimize
    Duty Control: Extreme
    CPU Current Capability: 110%
    CPU Voltage: Offset Mode
    Offset Mode Sign: +
    Offset Voltage: Auto

    Adaptive Thermal: Enabled
    Active Cores: All
    Limit Maximum: Disable
    Virtualization: Disable
    CPU C1E/C3/C6: Enabled

    Make sure to manually set DRAM voltage, timings, and frequency
  8. If you set the turbo multiplier and then it will shoot up wehen under load , you are then left waiting for the bios to determine at what load to initiate the turbo. 50% 75% 100% what load percentage determines the turbo? If you don't change the turbo and just deal with the core multiplier then if the load increases and turbo kicks in it will run the cpu at a lower frequency because more than likely the turbo setting will be lower that your overclock and the end result would be a down clock.
    That's why I shut it off and don't bother with it but that's my preference and you don't have to do it that way.
    I reqalize that everybody has thier own way and at other forums you will get different answers and just make things more confusing. You want a simple overclock with no voltage changes and a target of 4.2 or so which you can get without changing the voltage.
    I would just change the multiplier to a few numbers up from what you have now and make sure Windows is stable and then go a few more and verify again , if Windows is very stable then go to your target and leave everything on auto and if Windows is still stable then run a stress test to verify and if after an hour it's still ok then run the stress teat for several hours and you should be good.
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