[Need Dvice] About To Order...One Final Look Please!

Ok. I think I have finally made up my mind after all of the great help from this community. My i5 750 gaming build looks like this...

CPU - i5 750







HDD (2 of these):



(2 of these) - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811998121

***TOTAL COST*** = $1,370

Please post your final thoughts and suggestions. You all have been a great help and I'd still be willing to make changes before ordering. Fire away!!!

Am I missing any possible combo deals?

BTW: If I ordered the Lian Li chassis and the OCZ 700w combo deal I would save about $70. This would then maybe persuade my to upgrade to the 5870 gpu. I'm just not sure if I really need the 5870 though. When I started this, I was not even considering it. Also, I put in the 750w Corsair psu. I just feel better knowing my entire system is being powered by a quality psu. Let me know if you think going with the 700w OCZ psu and then upgrading to the 5870 is a good idea. I'm kind of up in the air on that one. Here is that combo deal...



- manooly
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  1. Everything looks good.

    I would grab the Chassis/PSU combo. OCZ makes decent PSUs and they are very affordable. Lancool uses plenty of plastic to cut costs and leaves your chassis too flimsy for my liking. Lancool has nice features though, just not a fan of the outer shell. Grab the 5870 as well. You might not need it now but down the road you will be happy you did.
  2. Another PSU/case option is the HAF 922 and OCZ StealthXStream 700W combo on Newegg for $100 (after rebates). You get one of the best cases with a good PSU for essentially the price of either.

    Second the 5870.

    Everything else is good.
  3. I am going to go with the Lancool case and OCZ Fatal1ty 700w psu. Every review I've seen has nothing but good things to say about that psu. I am also upgrading to the 5870 with the savings!

    This will be my first pc build ever. Will I need to buy any SATA cables? Anything else you can think of that I'll need? I am very excited. I am very close to ordering this build!!!

    Please post any last minute suggestions!

    Thanks again!

    - manooly
  4. Can someone tell me if you have to buy a 5.25' memory card reader to fit in the front of this case? I see no 3.5" bays to put a 12 in 1 card reader in. Any recommendations for one?
  5. If you're using a 3.5" card reader, then presumably, you will need a bay converter to mount the 3.5" reader in a 5.25" bay. I am not positive on this though, so you will want to verify for sure.

    One final thought - are you a college student, or do you know anyone that is? If so, you can get a copy of Windows 7 Professional (either 32- or 64-bit) for $65 (upgrade, so you'll have to have XP or Vista already). Check out http://www.microsoft.com/student/discounts/theultimatesteal-us/default.aspx.

    Cheers, and enjoy your new rig!
  6. You could order a 5.25" card reader or just get an adapter like this and use whatever 3.5" card reader you want.

    BYTECC Bracket-525 3.5" Drive/Device Transfer Bracket For 5.25" Drive Bay (Black) - Retail $5.49
  7. Nope, I'm not a student.

    Thanks for the bracket! Any suggestions for a decent card reader???
  8. I just noticed "OEM" next to my dvd drive and my Windows 7 software. What exactly does this mean? I figured I'd ask before I actually order. What cables and software do I need for my dvd drive? Anything else I should know about building? Yikes!!! I'm getting nervous! I know I'm gonna miss something big.
  9. Your motherboard and case will come with all the cables, screws, etc... The motherboard comes with four SATA cables. OEM Operating Systems just mean they don't come in a fancy box and you can't call Microsoft for support, but when was the last time you had to do that? You should be good to go with your build. :)
  10. Original Equipment Manufacture, I believe. It means you are getting the product without the extras like software and accessories. Everything you need for connection should be supplied with your PSU and motherboard, granted its unopened retail.

    Unopened retail motherboards come with plenty of SATA cables for your average build. You will be set with all the important parts, not sure on your accessories.

    [:bohleyk:7] Beat me to it!
  11. Thanks so much! That makes me feel better. Any other quick tips? Should I just go ahead and take the plunge? I've never built a pc before but would love to try.
  12. I think you're set. It wouldn't hurt to study this checklist while you're waiting for your parts to come. It might help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

  13. Still looking for last minute suggestions on my build. Fire away please!!!
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