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I am wondering if I should get a new case. I just installed the Dark Knight cooler but it is so big that I cant fit my side intake fan and was forced to mount it on the outside of the case. Is this strange? It keeps my loads for my 720 and 4870 below 33 and 57 but it looks weird. Has anyone here been able to fit a side fan and DK model cooler in the same case? What case did you use if so?
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  1. You will need a pretty big case to fit the side fan on the inside. I've got a CM RC690 and can't install the side fan over the CPU either (I don't have the Dark Knight, but I have the older 1283 model which is basically the same size). I've not seen a case yet that would fit that fan, but I've not had any full-tower cases. If your temps are that low with it though, you may not need that side intake fan, or you could just leave it on the outside if it doesn't bother you too much.
  2. For the large 160mm tall tower style heatsinks such as the Dark Knight you will need a pc case that is at least 8 inches (204mm) wide. If you also want an intake fan on the side panel then you will need a pc case that is at least 8.5 inches (216mm) wide.

    The case that comes to mind is the Coolermaster HAF 932. I have one. There is plenty of room for a tower style heatsink and the large fan on the side panel.

    Another case would be the Coolermaster Storm Sniper:
  3. Yeah my case is just a hair over 8 inches so that makes sense. Thanks for the precise numbers. I like the first coolermaster but I only have 127mm and 120mm fans. I'll use the specs you mentioned while looking at some other cases. Having a fan on the outside is a little strange, but I could deal with it. At this point, it is more of a safety issue. Thanks for the help.
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