Gfx for pci-e in Lenovos advanced docking station

Current setup:
Thinkpad t61,win7, advanced dock (with firegl v3300)
As I recently burned the firegl3300 I am now looking for a new and cheap gfx. Thi sis however easier said than done. After spending days on the lenovo forum I am still unsure of how to find a suitable gfx in the low-end.
Assumption: Though the Pci-e slot on the dock is physically x16, electrically it is only x1 (this can not be modded :()
Question: In theory, what will perform better? a x1 or a x16 card?
I am looking at 2 different brands of radeon 4350, one is x1 , the other x 16. Any sense in assuming that the former one has been optimized to x1 and thus that it should outperform the x16?
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  1. Definitely an x16, since it allows for more bandwidth, unfortunately, you won't be able to maximize such a card on your x1 port.
  2. so my question essentially remains the same, if the dock only supports pciex1 is there anything gained at all from buying a x16?
  3. Is there a price difference?
  4. hmm tuff to say, only found 1 pcix1 card in my pricerange and 10 pcix16.
    different manufacturers so hard to say if there's a pricedifference, but I'd say that the pcix1 is a bit more expenssive.
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