Core i3 530 SLI motherboard

Hi eveyone i need some help i want to find a p55 motherboard that supports

Core i3 530 native (without bios update)

SLI and Crossfire support (only want a board that supports dual graphic cards)

6gbs sata support

and usb 3.0 support

any recomendations would be helpfull as i am finding it very hard to find any motherboards with the things i want.

Thanks for the help
ben U.K

P.S i don't really want to spend more that £160 or $251
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  1. Msi has alot of offerings for what you specified.
    I really wouldn't spend too much on a board for an i3 unless you plan on an i5 750 or i7 8xx upgrade sometime in the future.
    If you do the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro is a very good mobo.
  2. Thanks for the reply, it is very helpfull. as for upgrading to the i5 750 i will in the future it's just i'm on a tight budget at the moment.
  3. Stick with a P55 board when selecting.MSI is a quality maker about the same level as Asus and Gigabyte.
    Also a 3yr warranty is important when choosing a mobo.
    The i3 530 is a great cpu i have one.
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