Computer keeps restarting, won't get past boot screen

Not sure why, I haven't changed anything with the computer's hardware/software recently. Many times the computer turns on for maybe 1/4 of a second then turns off. I switch off the surge protector for maybe 10-15 seconds then turn it back on and try turning on the computer again. Most of the time it does the same thing, it turns off after about 1/4 of a second and I repeat the process of turning off the surge protector then turning it back on after 10-15 seconds then try turning on the computer. The computer will eventually turn on and stay on but it stays on the boot screen. I've tried re-seating the ram, taking out the batter then putting it back in, making sure everything is plugged in tight. I'm about out of ideas. What can I do to get into Windows? I've reset the mobo several times. I keep resetting it and it will occasionally get to the boot screen but it stays there. It won't let me enter the bios by hitting delete. What should I do? I have no problem getting a new PSU if that's the problem, I just don't want to buy one then have it not be the problem.

E8400 @ 3.6GHz Motherboard
Abit P-35E Memory
2GB Crucial Ballistix Graphics Card
Sapphire 4850 @ 675/1100
Hard Drive
1 WD 160GB Sound Card
Audigy 4 Power Supply
Epower 500W duel rail psu
Windows XP Pro x32 Monitor
19" flat screen
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  1. Its hard to tell really,the best thing you can do is try narrowing it down by process of elimination.If you had another power supply laying around that would be the first thing i would try,but im not sure exactly because it doesnt sound to me like thats the problem,it could very well be the problem but it just doesnt really sound like it since when it does stay on it hangs at the boot screen,that almost sounds like a problem with a ram stick.

    You could try removing the ram sticks and try putting them each of them in different channels one at a time.

    It could (possibly) be the processor,i had a compaq desktop that wouldnt even turn on,I had to remove the processor,clean it and the heat sink then reapply some thermal paste to get it to run,but even then i had to leave it it on to warm up for a good five minutes or so then turn it off then back on again before i would get any video output,after that it would work yeah weird stuff like that can happen and it can be hard to tell what it is sometimes

    Also if you have another machine to mess around with you could try putting your ram and/or your power supply in it to see if theyll work on that machine.If they do then you know the problem lies somewhere else,then you can go from there.

    Just last week i took my machine out to blow the dust bunnies out of the processor,and evidently when i reseated one of the ram sticks the board didnt like it becuse when i turned it on it started fine but gave me a bsod until i removed all but one of the ram sticks.Then when i put them back in i had to move one of them to an open channel to get it past the boot screen,after which everything worked dandy and has been for a week now with no problems whatsoever.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm gonna try taking out the processor and mobo battery and see what happens.
  3. ok,so long as your comfortable with taking the processor out,and if you do i would check to see if the thermal paste is cooked(hard,crusty),if it is you need to put some new stuff on it,if so post back and ill help you out with that if you need.

    it wouldnt be a bad idea reapply some paste if you take it off anyway since it might not seat as well or the paste might not be distributed properly after you take it off.

    and i dont want you to mess something up,after all were trying to fix your machine.
  4. Yea, I installed the mobo and processor so I've been down that road before. I'm gonna try it tonight when I get home. Luckily I've got a reliable laptop when my desktop goes down.
  5. Ok thats good,i was just making sure i wouldnt help you screw something up instead of helping to fix it.
  6. Change your power supplyer i am sure it will work ;)
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