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What kind of video card do I need to put into my computer? It is a HP a300u model. I am trying to play a game and it is calling for either a "GeForce2 MX/Radeon 7500 (or equivalent) with 32 Mb VRAM" or a "GeForce4 TI/Radeon 8500 (or equivalent) with 64 Mb VRAM". Please help me, thank you so much :)
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  1. Can you link us to it?
    Googling "HP a300u" doesn't return anything useful.

    Here's a blind suggestion.
    Cheap & doesn't need much power.
    Here's the same card, except this one is single-slot

    If your willing to pay a little more:

    This will probably max out the game as it is calling for those cards:

    If you give us more specs we could help you better.
  2. We'll have to know more about your computer in order to tell you what kind of video card it can take (if upgrading it is an option).

    I assume you mean an HP Pavilion a300 model. There are many configurations of that model name, so you need to provide mor einformation.

    Like, what is your CPU (processor), how much memory, and what video card is in there now.

    You could download and run CPUID to find out some of that information for us.

    There may even be a sticker on your computer telling you what the specs are.
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