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I have been searching high and low and cannot find what I am looking for someone please help. I am looking into purchasing some new fans for my pc its a custom build. I know most fans the info will list lots of detail dcb cfm and rpm, but ive seen at times ones that are lacking info of those. How do I find out one of the missing if at all possible if it just tells me 3k rpms how do I calculate the cfm is there a formula, same vice versa cfm listed no rpms? The decieble level i dont think there is a formula for but if anyone knows it and can help please let me know. Im loosing my mind trying to find this info, and lastly should I be looking for the higher cfm versus rpm for purpose of OC'n? Thank you for help in advance
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  1. i think there is no formula for this
    a 3krpm fan can provide variable cfm at constant rpm
    two different fans at same rpm provide different cfm i think it depends on the fan structure
  2. What sohaib_96 says is right.
  3. Great so im fked if one part of the info is missing I cant figure out the other. great just more good news to my day for me to hear. Thanks I read on another forum that to get the cfm someone asked form lowering there rpm it was his rpm that was
    new rpm divided by the previous rpm times 38 which was his cfm and that would give him the new cfm for new fan speed he changed. So what produces most effective cooling higher cfm or rpm, in regaurds to 80 mm case fans and lga 775 socket cpu fan
  4. ill deffinately just go by what the stats say im not building a windtunnel just to check I dont oc that much and for long period of time
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