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I have an EVGA nforce 680I motherboard and in the manual it says(on page 70 to be exact) there's a third power connection on the board where a molex is connected and it says "The power3 connector is an auxiliary power connection for graphics cards. Exclusive power for the graphics card provides better graphics performance." I just received my new HIS Radeon HD5750 and it has a 6 pin connector on it. When I hook up the 6 pin connector from the psu do I need to unplug that aux power on the board?
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  1. I'm not sure, and I've often wondered this myself, but it won't hurt it by having it plugged in
  2. I'm afraid that if it is plugged in then its sending excessive voltage to the card.
  3. Think i found my answer. "EVGA said to use the 4-pin conn in SLI configurations and above (physics+sli). The 4-pin connector provides power to the PCI-E bus but not to the cards. Helps with stability with oc'ing. There's no chance of overvolting a powered card by using the conenctor too." So since I'm not running sli I'll unplug it.
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