How to Clone and Recover USB-NAS Drive

I have a Buffalo 1TB Teradrive in spanned mode, so it looks like one drive (I think there are 2 physical disks). This is USB attached to a Buffalo Link Station, as a network device. In Explorer (Windows XP) the USB drive shows as a separate drive letter, (I can only mount it via the Link Station, not as a stand-alone USB drive).Explorer shows some folders as empty (it says Type: File, Size: 0 bytes) - but they did have data associated with them.
I want to make a bit-by bit copy so any recovery does not destroy the data, and then recover the files. I have a 1TB USB drive (Hitachi)attached directly to my PC, but the source does not appear in the options for ShadowCopy, EASUS, DriveImage or XXClone. The target drive (Hitachi) is shown.
Does anyone have any suggestions for software that would help me out?
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  1. perhaps log in to the device via the network and check options for data constancy if there are actual options

    second thing to do would be to rip the drives out and plug them into a pc and run a tool called RAID2RAID see if that recognizes them

    don't have your data backed up anywhere?
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