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i read some benchmarks for the 768 mb gforce 8800 gtx and the 1 gb gforce 240 gts.from what i can see the 8800 is a little better card.is this true.
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  1. Thanks . what about a 5870 ? I ask this not to be randomly asking,but my dell pc went out and there going to give me a replacment. Just comparing apples to ornges.
  2. 5870 is one of the fastest cards you can get atm, only the 5970 is faster. And the 295 trade shots with the 5870 but at higher rez the 5870 will win.
  3. Thanks guys...
  4. @okini, the GT 240 isn't a rebranded 9800GT, the 9800GT uses a G92 or G92b core, the GT 240 uses the GT216 core (I think).

    The GT 240 is the weakest, the 8800GTX better, the 5870 is the best out of those 3.
  5. GT 230:

    It seems it is based on the 40nm fab process, the GT 210/220/240 were testing the waters for the 40nm Fermi, just like ATI tested it with the 4770 before the 5000 series.
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