Print Designer looking for a desktop ~ clueless!

Hi all! I'm making the move from a dell core 2 duo laptop to a desktop. I've been looking around, and it seems that there are quite a number pc manufacturers that are better and cheaper than dell.


here's what i need:

I pretty much exclusively use my computer for running photoshop, firefox with tens of tabs open, and skype. i need lots of hard drive space, and on my current system, it seems that the hard drive is the bottleneck, slowing things down, so im curious if a RAID setup will help at all.

my budget is around $1400.

i have no idea which processor is the best for my needs, how much ram i really need, etc. and so i turn to you, O noble experts...

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  1. Welcome to the forums.

    Currently the top of the tree for pertofrmance PC's are Intel, so bearing that in mind and not going bananas with your budget

    Asus P6T SE
    Intel i7 920
    Fenrir Titan HSF
    Samsung Sping Point F3 1TB x 2
    3 x 2 gb DDR3 triple channel memory kit
    Antec 1200
    Corsair or OCZ PSU
    Nvidia 285GTX or ATI 5770 video card

    just leaves you choice of CD drive and operating system.
  2. Get as much memory as you can afford; then buy more. With lots of tabs open you will eat up your memory in a hurry. Get 12Gb or 18Gb or 24Gb.
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