Why is this GPU so freakin hard to find?

I have been trying to find a SPARKLE Calibre Series X265 GTX 260 for the better part of 4-5 hours now and it was deactivated. Why was what seems to be such a good card deactivated? And reviews for it only went up a few months ago!!!! And i cant find why they stopped making them, searching Google why it was deactivated just brings up reviews on it lol. So can anyone enlighten me considering this card doesnt seem very old why it is so hard to find?
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    Sparkle aint good dude. Stop searching for it and go for EVGA or XFX ;)

    Cept that sparkle beat the XFX 5770 at almost the same price by a fair amount lol.


    Actually i may be wrong i think i was looking at the wrong 5770 lol. ALmost comparable i think.

    Though the x265 seems to be better then it in 1920x1080 with all the goodies on which is what i will be playing in.

    And hell that calibre just looks so god damn smexy.
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