Overclocking my i5-3570k for gaming.

How much of a difference would it make in games if I overclock my 3570k? I'm a little nervous about overclocking so I want to know if it's even worth it if I plan on mainly gaming.

ASRock Z77 Extreme4
G-Skill Ares (8gigs)
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  1. Not that much.
  2. amuffin said:
    Not that much.

    ok, thanks:)
  3. Quote:
    what CPU cooling do you have.?

    Depends on t game and only 1-5fps mostly id wait like 3years then oc that 3570k
  4. Quote:
    you get more than that...

    Yes only in CPU intesive games you will get more but for the most part it is that number, you get much more FPS out of OC your GPU
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