Radeon 4670 hd - NO AUDIO :(

alright ive been reading the "PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!new craphics card now no sound" ( ) and i still cant seem to get it fixed.
i installed my new Radeon 4670 HD, and after updating all the drivers (video AND audio), i have a fantastic picture, but no sound. I tried going into the BIOs and enabling onboard audio or whatever, but instead of the three options (Auto, Enable, and Disable), it only has "Auto, and "Disable." So what am i doing wrong?? I downloaded the audio BIOs from Realtek and still nothing. When i go to my Playback Devices, all i have is "ATI HDMI Output," and "Realtek Digital Output" (also "NVIDIA HDMI Output" and "Speakers" but they are both disabled or "not plugged in" and i can't do anything with them). When i go to my volume mixer, it says "No audio device is installed." ?????? please advise ??????
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  1. To be clear, you want to use the audio of your video card, and not of your motherboard or an installed dedicated sound card?
  2. right i am plugging in via HDMI and i dont want to use anything BUT the HDMI. if possible.
  3. i still have this problem...
    heres a link to the exact card that i purchased if that helps:
  4. Did you ever get this problem solved? I have the exact same card, and the exact same problem -- and my bios is identical as well: [AUTO vs Disabled] are the only choices for the onboard audio.

    This is nuts. Everyone seems to have the problem, and the solution varies based on the specific hardware. It's ridiculous...

  5. I would ask what operating system you're running. I have an HD 4670 on my HTPC running Windows 7-64bit and audio over HDMI works perfectly. If you, by chance, are still running Windows XP, did you download and install the ATI HDMI Audio driver?

    Go to
    In the Download Drivers section (Top Right), select Desktop Graphics for Component Category.
    For Product Line, select Radeon HD Series
    For Product Model, select Radeon HD 4xxx Series PCIe (assuming you have a PCI-E card).
    For Operating System, select Windows XP 32-bit (or 64 bit if that's what you're running).
    Click View Results.
    On the following page, click the Option Download's tab to find the ATI HDMI audio driver.

    Hope this helps.

    -Wolf sends
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