Foxconn 2zr71-409 versus stock fan


I recently bought a boxed AMD Phenom II X2 565 BE CPU and just wondering if I could use its stock cooler or should I change back to my old one which came with my old Athlon 64 X2 6000 - a Foxconn 2ZR71-409. I'm planning to OC the 565 a bit, like to 3.6-3.7 around (from the stock 3.4 Ghz).

The new PII X2 565 stock cooler:

My old Foxconn:
some more detailed photos: -at the bottom of the page.

Which is better? Which one should I use?
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  1. Suggestions please!
  2. bumping as I still don't know if this fan is good for some basic overclocking for my A10 5800K or I should buy a new one.
  3. Buy a new cooler, both of those fans are basic stock fans which wont give you the temps needed for overclocking. A corsair H80i will give you everything you could want out of a closed loop liquid cooler.
  4. Would you recommend an air cooler instead please?
  5. If i were to recommend an air cooler it would always be the Noctua NH-D14. Its big, and you need to make sure it can ft in your case, but its a very good air cooler.
  6. Thanks! Will try this out.
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