Is It worth Overclocking RAM?

I have a RipJawz X-series 8GB ram and its at 1600. If I change it to anything higher will there be that much performance increase that it will be worth it? Also will it shorten the lifespan of the RAM?

Specs (important ones):

Asrock z77 extream 4
AMD 6950
RipJawz X-series 8GB
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    Simple and concise answer: No. 1600 is the sweet spot for SB and IB CPU's. After that, the performance increase is almost nothing.
  2. I had not been able to overclock my G.Skill Ares 2133MHz RAM for the longest time until I realized I had to raise the voltage on the memory controller.

    Now that it's nice and stable the ONLY thing I notice being different is that Alt-Tabbing is actually slightly faster than before.

    Unless you're doing tasks that are bound by memory speeds (read:professional) you really wont see the benefit and chances are greater that you'll just destabilize your system.
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