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What is the easiest way to transfer video files from a XP CPU to a new Win 7 Laptop?
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  1. If large files, DVD -- smaller, memory stick.

    Otherwise you could try networking them. Basically you need crossover ethernet cable -- or router -- and to enable file sharing on the relevant folders, turn off all firewalls, note the names of the computers as shown in Control Panel, System, and run the Networking Wizard.
  2. Thanks---I have about 68 gigabytes of video files--been trying to use existing router--sharing OK etc but having a problem with WIN 7--haven't found anything I transferred to the new laptop because don't know enough about "libraries" etc.--I'll stick with it until I get it done. At 85 years young I go way back to DOS--only had WIN 7 a week.
  3. Drag and drop a file to your win7 desktop from the XP machine over the network, see if it's working or not.
  4. "don't know enough about "libraries" etc."

    Libraries ?

    Does that mean Win7 has adopted even more Mac terminology. Back when we started there were files and directories, then folders -- which are just directories, of course.

    Then bleedin "Libraries" appeared in things like iTunes. WTF is a Library -- is it a directory, a shortcut (sorry alias) or what ?
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