SATA II SSD or SATA III SSD Whats The Difference

I wanted to get a SSD to speed things up and what i wanted to know which is better SATA II or SATA III. My PC only has SATA 6.0GB/s a second ports though.

Question 1. Whats the difference between SATA II and SATA III i know it is speed but does this really matter?
Question 2. Can i use a SATA II drive in a SATA III port?
Question 3. If im going to insall programs and windows for faster load and bootup times how big should the drive be?

ps How Do You Transfer Windows From A HDD To A SSD Without Moving User Files Like My Text Files And saved Games
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    1. SATA is an interface for storage devices to communicate with the computer. SATA II has 3gb/sec of bandwidth while SATA III has 6gb/sec the drive itself may or may not be this fast, but there are SSDs which max out the SATA II bandwidth, so it is recommended to get a SATA III SSD.
    2. Yes, it will work, you can mix and match any SATA parts and everything will run at the speed of the slowest component.
    3. 64 GB if you want windows and 3-4 frequently used games/programs.
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