Connecting 2 cpu pwm fans

want to connect 2 cpu fans but only one cpu 4 pin socket on mobo M4A79XTD EVO Sockets CPU_FAN(4P) PWR_FAN(3P) CHA_FAN2(3P) CHA_FAN1(4P) 2 Exhaust fans will connect to psu would like to connect 2 intake fan to mobo as well all housed within Antec 300
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    Should do the trick.

    However, the case fans on the Antec 300 aren't PWM fans so you can't control their speed through PWM.
  2. thanks seems to be ideal :)
  3. There is a simple 2-way Y splitter for PWM fans too - I think from Gelid - but I can't find it for the life of me at the moment. However that Akasa one is probably a better bet given that the molex plug takes the power strain off the motherboard.
  4. Ordered AK CBOO2 from Scan this morning once again thanks for your advice
  5. no problem.

    I'm being a bit of a badge whore at the moment so I'd appreciate a best answer - not got one for case mods yet lol
  6. Begging for best answer ... jeesh !!

  7. lol reynod that weren't begging :P
  8. I'd give it to you If I could ... alas ... r_maniac ... c'mon buddy ... give Le a tick !!
  9. Reynod said:
    I'd give it to you If I could

    Ah, such phrases are wonderful taken out of context...
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