Problems with getting my pc stable.


I bought 2 years ago.

Rampage 3 extreme
I7 980x 3,33ghz 6 core
12 gb OCZ 1333 mhz
H100 corsair
1000w Corsair psu
Revo3 drive 240 GB

From the begin i had a hard time to get my pc stable. Even on stock settings.

I followed a few guides about it, but never found the solution.
Guild wars 2 is coming out and i wanna play it on high settings, but when i do that my pc lags sometimes or even crashes ( the drivers only).

I wanna overclock my pc to 4,3 ghz, is that even posseble because it crash on stock settings?

Thank u
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  1. We cant really tell from what you listed here. It sounds like you need to increase your voltage, maybe turn off some worthless powersaving features, but really we need more details than just the hardware specs.
  2. Bclk = 166MHz
    CPU = 4.3GHz
    Memory = 1333MHz - 9-8-8-24 .....Uncore = auto
    Set QPI/DRAM Voltage = 1.4V
    Set IOH Core Voltage = 1.2V
    Set Memory Voltage = 1.6V
    Set CPU clock ratio = x26
    Set Vcore = 1.37V << thats the max
    Set QPI clock ratio = Auto (default)
  3. Can't really tell you what the problem is, wether it's hardware or software. Could be either or.

    If you think it's your cpu go stress test it with prime95 for 8h than tell us if it passed it. For stock settings and you suspect the CPU that should push it more than hard enough to tell us if thats the problem. Also keep track of the computer temps during this to make sure it doesn't get too hot or that could be your problem.

    While your at it when your done with that stress test your GPU and check it temps and look for artifacts, I used furmark in the past for this.

    If those two stress test don't reveal any problems I got money saying its a software issue.
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