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Hello everyone,

So when I was building my computer and installing the Hyper 212+ I was worried that I let it slide around too much when trying to get the Xbrace underneath it. I decided to not worry about it and figured it was fine since none really came out the sides at all, even though I used a little bit bigger than a pea by accident.

I oc'd the turbo to 4.2 and was running prime 95 for 2 hours at 1.25 volts. But my temps were 65-68 66-68 69-75 69-71 on the four cores. Mind you, it is about 78-82 F in my room at the time (I think that is low 20's C.

I know these are higher than norm, especially since my last setup with an i5 2500k and 212+ at the same OC was never going past 60C on any core.

Do you think these would damage the processor over a long haul? Should I attempt to reseat the cooler?

I just hate doing it, i've always hated applying thermal paste and setting them. I lose all mental capacity when doing it and over worry and screw up, like this, I hope* is the problem.
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  1. Nah you should be fine. Very rarely will your CPU feel the full load like Prime 95 puts on it. and considering it seems pretty toasty in your room compaired to normal room temperatures, I would say those temps are great for the environment the computer is in. You could even safely go for 4.4, or even 4.5/4.6 safely I would think. Just get there slowly.
  2. The temps are not the greatest but are also not too bad , it never hurts to reseat the heatsink since once you get it where it's good you never have to touch it again so a little more work won't hurt. The act of putting the cpu in the socket is much more worrysome then installing the heatsink. The best way I have found is to use a credit card and spread the compound to a thin layer , as thin as possable and smooth. You would be surprised as to how little of the compound you should use. If you use too much it acts like an insulator and the heat is not transfered very well.
    With the process of the heatsink install and the overclock being the most tedious process you have to go through when you get everything to be just right you don't have to bother with it any more and you can just sit back and enjoy your work.
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