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HDD slow down/Bottleneck PC Components

Hey this might be a dumb question but I can't quiet find a clear answer.

My question is I have a 110GB HDD that I want to take off my old Computer and put it onto my new build. Not exactly sure what the RPM is on it but im pretty sure it's not great considering it's kind of an old drive. If I transfer my old drive over to my new build after completing wiping it, could it bottleneck or hurt my other components such as the CPU,GPU if the HDD is slow? Or will it just load slower and I can upgrade when I have the money, as HDD are crazy expensive right now.

Thank you in advance
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  1. it depends, what os are you installing on your new rig, is the old drive sata or ide. How old is the drive? A safe bet is to just get a new hdd and use the old drive as an external drive
  2. Alright so I just check and my HDD is a 7200RPM drive which im glad to hear,since that was my main worry that it might be a low RPM that would slow down my other components, which it wont. As for the age it's only a couple of years old and runs just fine so there should be no problem with that. And it is a sata drive.

    Installing windows 7
  3. It really depends, if the hard drive is working fine then its no big deal. Id test it using transfer speeds, moving a big file over. If its around 45mb/s (which is average for most hard drive speeds) then youre good. But if its slow like 9 mb/s. Dont think about it. Itll slow you down.

    Also check the temp. should be around 35 ish degrees.
  4. Alright ran HDTUNE here is the link below to the results, can anyone verify this is ok?

    Thank you in advance.
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    trips17 said:
    Alright ran HDTUNE here is the link below to the results, can anyone verify this is ok?

    Thank you in advance.

    Its not bad, but its not good either. Talking about the speeds, kinda slow. You might notice loading times might be slower, but thats not so much of a big deal.

    But itll do you if you wanna wait out the hdd prices.

    Just the first thing to replace on your computer imo.

    Tl;dr itll run, loading times might be longer.
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  7. Ya I really have no money left after my new computer build. I don't really mind if I see a little slowness I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't damage any other components. So I'll keep this until I can afford a better HDD.

    Thank you
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