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Its not specifically to do with sound cards but along the lines of sound(Sorry couldnt find a suitable forum category) :P. MY cousin recently started to play with me again and we've tried to get his mic working. Now ive asked if hes muted it but nothing. The thing is i can hear of what i can only describe as an activation noise where i can hear his mic turning on, but no sound of him. When i speak loudly i can hear myself when he tries to speak. Thats the problem :/, if i can hear myself surely the mic works but a setting isnt right, hes tried loads of things, any help?
thanks alot to you guys, <3 this site :P

Many thanks, Scott
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  1. + its also like his output (microphone) is playing everything that he hears, as i can hear his ventrilo voice enable sound (eg. when you press the push to talk button it makes a noise)
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