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Hi guys, I recently bought a M4A785-M asus motherboard with an amd phenom 955. I finished everything and tried to power up but failed. Then I played with the wires and it magically started booting up without me pressing the power button, I tried to fix that and it wouldn't boot again...
Couple of minutes later it booted after I played with wires and even got to the desktop screen amd I went on the Internet, also It magically connected to my homepage without me having my Ethernet cable plugged in and no wifi card connected... Then I installed my 5770 card And it wouldn't boot again. I think the problem is that my hp comp's power button cable is a 9 pin (10th one blocked) and my new motherboards panel is composed of 2 pins, 4 pins and 1 pins that are separated. I tried everything, but I read somewhere that I can separate the 9 pin block into 1 pins so I can connect individually to the system panel, which I have no idea on how to do. Also, my motherboard has a green light when the power plugged in, meaning power going to system, any ideas how to separate the 9 pin block and figure out if that is the problem, please help asap.
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  1. Many newer boards will line up with the standard 9 pin connector of an hp case. Your problem may be a bad connection off one of the power supply leads. I had to untangle mine recently to reduce pressure on one of the connectors so it would reach easier. Notice that many of the 9 pin leads have no wire coming out; try offsetting the connection, lining up the wired leads over the power switch, reset, etc. This means that part of the plastic case lead will sit over air while the wired leads will connect to the board pins. All your case led's (indicator lights) should work when you have all the wires connected properly.
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