First time overclock fx 4100 need help?/

ive been having trouble in the gaming world latley were my games have been stuttering, now i dont have the best gpu (6870) but i found out in a previous forum it is not my gpu but my cpu thats having problems because it seems to max out a core whenever i play instead of having even precentages of usage. so i need to overclock my fx 4100 and was wondering how to do this.. i know all the basics like how to turn up the clock speed but i dont know what to do with voltage or any of that stuff i also have no idea how far i should go and dont know when to stop i only have a stock cooler right now but ive already clocked up tp 3.8ghz and its running with only this page up at 22celcious
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  1. I tested the 4100 I OC'ed with the stock cooler and found that it gets rather hot when it's bone stck.

    I would get another CPU cooler before an overclock. I used a TX3 for the one I overclocked.

    CPU-Z will tell you voltages.

    HWmonitor can show you CPU temps

    And prime 95 can stress test your CPU to find out just how hot it will get under full load.

    The trick is to go as fast as you can while keeping stable, with the least amount of voltage and heat.

    As you increase your speed, most motherboards will increase voltage automatically. You have to keep an eye on the voltage to make sure it's not too high after you bump speed. I stayed below 1.40x IIRC and reached 4.4 Ghz.

    If the voltage gets too high, try using a negative offset. (in the BIOS)

    If the OC is unstable and you need more voltage, try a positive offset, or LLC adjustment. (again, in the BIOS)

    Also, there is a function called APM (advanced power managment or something like that)

    It causes the chip to throttle to a slower speed under full load and pretty much defeats part of your OC.

    Older motherboards don't even show the function in the BIOS, but most offer a BIOS update (My UD3 needed version F8) to show this function and give you the ability to disable it.

    I would get another CPU cooler first though.
  2. alright ill probably goto a frys electronics today and get one and ill try running those apps now
  3. If you have the room for it, the cooler master 212+ is better than the TX3.

    But the TX3 fits in tighter spaces and is still a big upgrade from the stock cooler.
  4. i have a pretty lage case and think ill be alright with space so yea ill go get one of those because i overclocked already to 3.9 with stock heatsink and its already running smoother.
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