Best monitor for gaming/Movies under $300???


I'm looking for a new LCD right now and i'm kinda confused... nowadays there are so many to chose from :S

I'm looking for something around 22'' maybe 24'', hopefully able to do 1080p.

I dont want to spend more than $300, but I'll consider something above that if its worth it.

Thank you!
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  1. 23" to 24" with full HD 1080P brand you would have to pick self but I have good experience with DELL monitors.
  2. Hey,
    I've been doin some research cause I've been looking for a monitor too

    This samsung wasn't bad because it had a lot of features and I am considering it so I can connect my xbox360 and watch television. The quality is 1080 but I read from the reviews that it isn't the best top notch quality but a good value for 300 bucks. If you not looking for an all-rounder and just want resolution, quality game/movie monitor, my other two choices I've been thinking about are

    1. Dell sp2309w


    2. Samsung XL 2370

    I haven't made a decision yet and I hope this helps u out a little.
  3. Dell U2410. Best one you can go for. Cant say about the price. Check their website.
  4. samsung T220 its one of coolest monitors , its 2 ms latency is simply great for gaming.
  5. hell_storm2004 said:
    Dell U2410. Best one you can go for. Cant say about the price. Check their website.

    You wil need a massive discount to get that for $300. Normal price is $599, current sale price is $529.

    I only have experience with one inexpensive monitor, the Asus VK246H (Asus VW246H is the same, but no built in webcam and $10 - $20 cheaper). It's good for gaming and movies for the average person. It is rated at 2ms response time and has been tested to have less than average of 2ms of input lag.

    My detailed review:

    A more professional review:
  6. The price for T220 samsung in india is under 12k INR . It should be around $210
  7. Didnt know Dell U2410 is that expensive in the US. Samsung 2233RZ is also another model you should look into. Its a great model.
  8. I'll have to throw my vote in completely for the Asus MS238H monitor, its 23'' slip profile monitor with an amazing 10000000:1 contrast ratio. Its got a beautiful picture with low power consumption and 1200 x 1080 resolution with a 2ms GTG so its great for games with full HD picture and no ghosting. The biggest thing about this monitor though is that its on for only $199!!

    The only bad thing about this monitor that I can see is it only has an HD port and an AGP port so if your card only has a DVI port then you will need a converter cord... which also comes with the package...

    Also the stand takes some getting used to but the screen is LED so very clear view in well lit rooms and great viewing angles... about 170 degree viewing angle IIRC....

    I'll let you look at the specs and reviews though... for the price and the specs you cant go wrong though...
  9. After much research, I purchased this monitor ASUS vw266H
    I'll post an update but its big enough for movies, fast enough for games. Did you buy a monitor yet?
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