my HP 2560 printer can't print at all, is this is for dispose already? the red led was blinking that's why i bought the new cartidge but as is blinking and still can't print.
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  1. The red LED could be anything. Do you still have the manual that came with your printer? If you don't, look here:

    "Can't print" isn't a very detailed and useful description of your problem. Can you give us more details? Such as what the printer does, if anything? Do you get any messages on your computer? Is your computer aware of the printer? etc.

    I'm sorry, could you explain what you mean by "is this is for dispose already"?
  2. computer appears that "cartridge problem". i didn't know what it means. i bring my printer to the technician and tell me that the mother board of my printer didn't work or was broken.
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